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Neither a statement nor a command, No need for references investigates relations between theproduction of art and knowledge through three different perspectives and three different incursions inside the collective discussion about the concept of artistic research.

Ana de Almeida, Catalina Ravessoud, and Mariel Rodríguez invite Andréas Hochuli, Yota Ioannidou, Nuno da Luz, Sandra Monterroso, Berenice Olmedo, and Alicja Rogalska for an exhibition where art and research are led in multiple directions.

What does research mean in an art context? What is the sense in mentioning it if we consider that any artistic production is the result of a certain kind of research? In addition to dealing with the intentionality embedded in art practices, No need for references sheds a light on research practices that guide the question of the space left for process(es) inside art creation.

We address research per se – or said differently – research as an independent gesture, while at the same time putting this concept into question through the presentation of artworks that claim – or not – to be research-based projects. This is an exhibition about borrowing methods, about the idea of knowledge production and power relations, which unfold in a programme that includes a performance, a workshop, talks, and a publication.
No Need for References installation views at Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK
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